The year is 3000 AD, and the universe is at war.  The Earthlings and the Molkas have been battling for the newly discovered planet, Zophroid, which is rich in plutonium crystals.  Each galactic army has a home base situated on their home planet.  The two armies are battling against each other using the most advanced technology available to either capture their enemy’s home planet or eliminate their enemy in order to gain control of Zophroid and in turn the entire universe.

Galactic Warfare is a two-player game of strategy, chance, and a whole lot of guts.  The object of the game is to capture all of your opponent’s ships by attacking them, or to invade your opponent’s home planet by occupying every space in his home planet with your ships.  The faceoff takes place on an intergalactic grid consisting of 80 squares, alternating between light and dark. Each player has an 8 square home planet at their end of the board.  Join the quest to take over the universe today!